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We strive for a horse soft through the bridle, who stops from your seat and moves off your leg.

Our goal is to create a respectful partnership from the ground to the saddle. There is a fine balance between building confidence in a horse and desensitizing them to outside stimuli. Our approach to training has grown out of years of hands-on experience, supplemented by natural horsemanship education. From colt starting to problem horses to restarting Off Track Thorobreds, we take a quiet, steady approach to education the equine.

While this involves hours of dedication and hard work, we encourage owners to participate in the process with the goal of building their relationship with their horse.

Training Rates

Full Training $1100 per month

Private Paddock $1250 per month

3 Days a week $950

Please take a moment to watch a few of our favorite success stories on the videos.

Some of the clinicians we have trained with include:

Leslie Desmond (Horsemanship)
Leslie Kornfeld (Dressage)
Enid Cooley and Cliff Swenson – Train the Trainers Clinic (Western dressage)
Barend & Anne Marie Heilbron – (Dressage)
Ken McNabb (Horsemanship)
Denise Hopkins (Natural horsemanship)
Toby Tyler (Reining)
Romain Ampe (Reining)
Sean Patrick (Training)
Mark Bolender (Mountain Trail)
Tom Curtin (Horsemanship)
Lynn Palm (Western Dressage)